Token Utility

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Unigate Token UGT is the token that powers the Unigate Platform.

Spend UGT

Use UGT to pay the fees incurred by interacting with the Unigate platform and leveraging its services.


Every time tokens are bridged through Unigate’s bridging system

Earn UGT

Earn UGT when providing services to the Unigate platform and community:​

Earn UGT from Farms and Pools, or , then explore its use cases:Stake it in to earn free tokensUse it in to earn more UGTParticipate in ​

  • Invite & Integrate Merchant to earn free tokens

But that’s not all — there’s much more on the horizon for UGT!​Token is a utility token for users to pay fees, and for the protocol to reward its users:User pays UGT(un)wraps basecoin → bridge

  • wrapped coin routing between chains → router

User gets UGTuser farms liquidity poolwrapped coinDeFi incentives (see other defi tokens)

  • Staking ?

DeFi:Lending / Collateralized BorrowingLiquidity Pools Pooling (0.25% of trading in pooled tokens)Liquidity Pools Farming (pool interest + n % in UGT)

  • Hedge crypto in portfolio token synthetics (0.33 BUSD : 0.33 USDT : 0.33 USDC)
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